Downloadable PDF: Blogging 101

Downloadable PDF: The Ultimate Editing List

Downloadable PDF: How to Create a Newsletter

Downloadable PDF: 100 Marketing Tips


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For writing help: How to Write a Novel

For help on specific scenes or characters: Writing About 

For publishing and marketing help: Publishing 101 


Insecurity Busters:

Book Signing Fear


Writing Advice:

Dear Young Writer

Dear Aspiring Author

Dear Late-Blooming Writer

Dear Writer Not Writing

Dear Time-Strapped Writer

Dear Blocked Writer


Writing Life:

Dear Withdrawn Writer

Dear Degree-less Writer

Dear Scrambling Writer

Dear Distracted Writer

Dear PMSing Writer

Dear “I’m the Worst Writer Ever!” Writer

Dear “My Writing Sucks!” Writer



Dear Lazy Writer

Dear Scared Writer

Dear Mad Writer

Dear Impatient Writer



Dear Confused Facebook Author

Dear Debbie Downer Writer



Dear Beta Readers and Critique Partners

Dear Writer with an Editor

Dear “Editing is Crap!” Writer

Dear “I Hate Grammar!” Writer



Dear Goal Writer

Dear Unfocused Writer



Dear Uninspired Writer



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