Check out these pages on my website for links to blog posts I have published on my blog or as a guest on other blogs.

Writing Tips – This page consists many links to how-to articles for genres and goes in-depth on elements of a novel and stages of a novel. You’ll also find posts dedicated to writer’s burnout, as well as tips on how to write about specific scenes and elements that may occur in your story (crime, romance, holidays, seasons, disasters). Also find sections on writing tips/advice, the writer’s life, writing rules, inspiration, and goals. A free PDF download for The Ultimate Editing List is included on this page.

Marketing Tips – This page contains links to many marketing articles, including 100 Marketing Tips, a free PDF, which is available on this page, along with the PDF Blogging 101. There’s a section for Social Media marketing as well as Amazon and Goodreads. Plus, a list of videos I’ve done on YouTube about various marketing topics.

Publishing Tips – Here you can find links to publishing related topics, such as how to build a platform, using a pen name, and how to create an author tagline. You’ll also find sections on editing/critiquing, organization, and depression/anxiety, which is dedicated to things writers struggle with, such as submissions, rejections, criticism, and more. A bonus download for How to Create a Newsletter, a free PDF, can be found on this page, too.

Character Tips – Finally we have the page devoted to characters with a detailed section on character development, which includes my Character ER posts. Included on this page is my Diverse Characters feature and my Writing About feature for tips on how to write about specific characters (from angels and zombies to doctors and wrestlers.)