Character Tips

Here we have the page devoted to characters with a detailed section on character development, which includes my Character ER posts. Included on this page is my Diverse Characters feature, highlighting different kinds characters (nationality, religion, appearance, etc. from A-Z), and my Writing About feature blog posts for tips on how to write about specific characters (from angels and zombies to doctors and wrestlers.) 

Bring Characters to Life You will find a neat little project that you can do, as well as reminders of things you will have to consider while creating your characters.

Characters Make a Book When you’re creating your characters, especially your main character, you will have to think beyond their appearances. This blog will help you to create three-dimensional characters.

Protagonist VS. Antagonist The tips in this post will help you to develop a protagonist that your readers can root for and an antagonist that your readers can despise.

More on Character Development This post talks about the evolution of characters and where they come from.

How to Trick Your Readers provides 6 tips on how to make your hero/heroines appear bad, and 6 tips on how to make your antagonist appear good.

How to Create Heroines of Steel provides a list of things to consider to help you make a fierce heroine.

Body Language – Character ER explains how to use body language to heighten the emotional impact and make a character real.

Tattoos, Birth Marks and Scars – Character ER is about how these flaws (or art) can enhance a character’s appearance and attribute to their personality.

Diet and Food – Character ER is about including your character’s diet.

Let Your Characters Get Mad! – Character ER is about the importance of showing intense emotion and provides a few things to remember when it comes to anger.

Is Your Character Naked? – Character ER is about why describing clothes every once in a while is a good thing to do.

Flaws, Fear, and Weakness – Character ER is about getting to know our characters inside and out.

Allergies and Health Issues – Character ER is about connecting with real people and common issues we all face with out health.

Habits and Quirks – Character ER is about giving your characters habits and quirks to make them memorable.

Your Character’s Pain – Character ER is about giving your characters pain, whether mental, physical, or emotional. Pain makes them real and relatable.

Hobbies – Character ER talks about the importance of giving your characters a hobby.

Your Character’s Occupation – Character ER provides lists of jobs for you to consider for your characters. 

Diverse Characters:

A + B

C + D

E + F + G

H + I + J

K + L + M

N + O

P + Q + R

S + T + U

V + W

X + Y + Z

Writing About Characters:


Ghosts Part 1

Ghosts Part 2





New Baby


Medical Doctors

The Mob

Police Officers

A President

Self Defense Instructors


More on Characters:

Writing About Minor Characters Who Are People of Color

Characters with a Disease or Disability

A Character’s Dream

A Character’s Past

A Character’s Past Life

Personality and Psychological Disorders

A Character’s Secret

Your Character’s Toughest Moment