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MISSION STATEMENT: As your editor, I am fully committed to your work and want to see it at its best. To honor this commitment and privilege, I will do everything in my power as an editor to help you do this. For every client and every project, I will give 110% of my skill and time.

Credentials: I edit for Dancing Lemur Press. I have also edited for Patricia Josephine (Abducted Life), Yolanda Renee (The Snowman and EVER-TON), Bish Denham (The Bowl and The Stone), Diane Burton (Mission to New Earth), and Loni Townsend (This World Bites).

I Edit/Critique  Fiction:

Any genre except historical. (Historical elements are okay.)
No nonfiction.


Full Edit + Critique: In which I comment on content (plot, scenes and characters) for accuracy and consistency, check for typos, punctuation and grammar errors. I will cut unnecessary words and sentences, check for redundancies, repeated words (repetitiveness), and POV/tense changes. I will point out where more descriptions can go, unrealistic dialogue, and sentences that need to be revised by you. I will offer easy fixes and suggestions for all of these. I will also, of course, note things that I like. 🙂
All edits are done with TRACK CHANGES.

Price: $1.00 per page

Manuscript Critique: In which I focus on content (plot, scene and characters) with no typo fixes or other forms of editing. I will point out flaws in the story (if any). These flaws could be with a scene, dialogue, sentences or a plot hole. I will offer easy fixes and suggestions on all problems I find. I will also comment on things I like. If there are glaring errors such as POV/tense problems, I will point these out, too.

Price: $0.50 per page


Please Note: There are different rates for flash fiction and short stories. The minimum rate is $10 for stories that are ten pages or less. That rate applies to both services.


MANUSCRIPTS: Double-spaced with Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font.

All payments done through PayPal.



1. Email me at ChrysFey(at)yahoo(dot)com to tell me about your book and if you have a deadline. If I have clients ahead of you and can’t meet your deadline, I’ll let you know.

2. FIRST TIME CLIENTS! For a Full Edit + Critique, I will edit the first 10 pages of your novel-length book (over 100 pages), or the first 5 pages of a novella of 50-100 pages for FREE. Shorter pieces not eligible. Either one of us can back out for whatever reason at this stage. I’ve never had to do this before, but you never know. After I edit the first pages and we’re both in the same frame of mind, I’ll continue with your project. You’ll send me the complete manuscript and pay the fee through Paypal.

3. For a Manuscript Critique, you’ll send the full manuscript after we work out the details of a deadline and the fee is paid. (Not eligible for free pages.)

4. If you can’t afford the full fee upfront, you can pay half now and half later when I’m finished. Once your balance is paid in full, I’ll return your edited manuscript with a separate document of notes if there were any concerns.

5. Turnaround time can be anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on the project or the deadline we agree upon.

6. Second Round: If you’d like me to look over your manuscript a second time, especially if you had to rewrite scenes, I would be happy to do it for half the cost of your initial payment. For example: Your manuscript was 100 pages long (novella). If you’re a new client, you got the first 5 pages done for free and paid a $95 fee. For the second round, it would be $47.50.


NOTE: I go through each work twice before sending back my edit/critique. I’m a lighthearted editor which means I like to point out the things I like and include my reader’s thoughts. I believe it’s important to pay attention to the good things in a book. 🙂

Download my TERMS OF SERVICE for  what you can expect from my edits as well as information on deadlines and more.

Also download this PDF: TIPS FOR MY CLIENTS

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