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Seismic Crimes

Tsunami Crimes


Diary entry written by Beth Kennedy:

Dear whomever may find this,

I am writing in case I don’t survive. Whether I die by Hurricane Sabrina’s windy hands or by Donovan Goldwyn’s strong hands has yet to be seen, but I am not taking any chances. You see, I saved Donovan’s life, putting myself at risk, and I didn’t exactly walk away from that unscathed, but I still have my life. For now.

I was fooled by Donovan’s violet eyes, but a murderer’s eyes can be any color. There is no proof that he’s a killer, but there is no proof that he’s not. And every fiber of my self-defense-instructor-being is telling me to run. RUN! But I can’t. Hurricane Sabrina is waiting for me outside, banging at the doors and windows like an intruder trying to get into my house. So I am trapped with a man who can kill me at any given moment.

And yet . . . those eyes. I look into them and I can feel them prying apart my carefully crafted walls. Donovan is handsome. He is alluring. He is intense. And we are stuck together.

Anyway, if you find this and I am dead then look at the two suspects: Hurricane Sabrina and Donovan Goldwyn.


FACT: Beth Kennedy is a woman who doesn’t tolerate B.S. and can hold her own. She knows how to cripple a man in three seconds flat and won’t feel sorry about doing it either. But despite her tough exterior, she has a soft side. She loves poetry and jelly beans. On the weekend, you can find her canoeing down the many Florida rivers. And on the weekdays, you might spot her pushing her car onto the side of the road; it likes to die on her. A lot. And during the worst possible times . . . like when a category 5 hurricane is coming.

FACT: Donovan Goldwyn is a man of mystery. If he were aware of his good looks—and maybe he is—he’d use them to his advantage and could very well get away with murder. He likes danger and the feeling he gets when he’s close to it. But he still enjoys a quiet game of poker every now and then. Every day of his life is spent with speed: dirt bikes, motocross bikes, trucks and cars, which isn’t really a good thing . . . especially during hurricane-force winds.


jelly beans


Beth Kennedy’s hurricane survival tips:

  1. Board up all of your windows to keep wind and other intruders out. Or in.

  2. Have a fully-equipped first aid kit for any wounds you might get.

  3. Make sure you’re not stuck with a possible murderer!


Donovan Goldwyn’s hurricane survival tips:

  1. Get a blue tarp. You never know what you’ll wrap up in it.

  2. Have a shovel handy just in case.

  3. The bathtub is a great place to hide . . . things.


FACT: There has never been a Hurricane Sabrina.


5 Facts about Donovan:

  1. He lives in Orlando, FL.

  2. His middle name is Jason.

  3. If he had a choice, he’d want to die quickly.

  4. His favorite band is Bullet for my Valentine.

  5. He has a fascination with blood and guts . . .


Here are 5 Facts about Beth: 

  1. If she had a choice, she’d rather die in a blizzard.

  2. Her goal is to move out of Florida.

  3. She’s deathly afraid of snakes.

  4. She writes poetry to unwind.

  5. Her name is not short for Elizabeth.


Hurricane Crimes:

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Seismic Crimes:

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Tsunami Crimes:

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Flaming Crimes:

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FACT: Chrys gave her novella the title “30 Seconds” because of all the action that takes place, and the fact that each thirty seconds can be the last for my characters. The title is also in honor of her favorite band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, whose music inspires her writing.

What women will love about Blake:

  1. He has a badge. (Who doesn’t like a man in a uniform?)

  2. He may not know how to cook a lot, but he’ll cook for you anyway. Pasta, grilled cheese, and mashed potatoes are his specialty.

  3. He’s willing to die for the woman he loves.

  4. He has curly “Simon Baker” hair.

  5. He’ll let you eat the last spoonful of ice cream.


FACT: She set my novella, 30 Seconds, in Cleveland, Ohio after she took a trip to Michigan and had a layover in the Cleveland airport. She didn’t get to explore the city, but the bitter cold that cut straight to the marrow in her bones made a big impact. It was after she was back in Florida when she thought of the opening scene of 30 Seconds. She could clearly see Dr. Dani Hart coming home with the bottom of her scrubs wet from the fresh snow, and right then she knew she had a new story idea.

FACT: Chrys named Blake after a street in my city, and gave him the last name “Herro” because she was originally planning on calling “30 Seconds” Hearts and Heroes.


5 facts about Dani:

  1. She can speak fluent Spanish.

  2. She’s a natural redhead.

  3. She has two tattoos.

  4. She was born at a Kiss concert.

  5. She likes to read comic books.


FACT: In 30 Seconds, what does Dani say to Blake in Spanish? “Shut up, pig! I’m in this mess because of you!”

FACT: What Soap Opera was Dani watching just before breaking news cut in? General Hospital, of course!


This is the dress Dani saves when she goes into hiding:



The is the dress Dani wears in the epilogue:




Blake’s Character Interview

Dani’s Character Interview

Blake’s Grilled Cheese Recipe

Dani’s Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

Deleted Scene






FACT: Detective Avrianna Heavenborn is from Chrys’ unpublished paranormal-romance series and a flash fiction piece she published years ago called “The Summer Bride.”

FACT: In the original draft, Jolie was a sixteen-year-old high school girl who went to an arcade with her friends. Now she’s a twenty-one-year-old college student who goes to a bar.

FACT: She named Jolie Montgomery after Angelina Jolie.



Interview with a Ghost

A Day in the Life of Detective Avrianna Heavenborn

Interview with Detective Avrianna Heavenborn

Medical Examiner Simone Rose Interview

Flour Tortilla Pizza Recipe






FACT: Witch of Death was first titled Magical Murders.

FACT: Chrys sent the first version Witch of Death to a well-known contest and lost before she got a publishing contract for it.

FACT: Detective Liberty Sawyer’s nickname is Libby, a name Chrys liked for a daughter.


Interview with a Witch

Detective Reid Sanders Interview

Medical Examiner Tish McGinnis Interview

Witches – True or False

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