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The summer bride

The Summer Bride is a flash fiction suspense story with a dash of fantasy involving Avrianna Heavenborn, the detective in Ghost of Death as well as the protagonist in her unpublished paranormal-romance series.

Woman of Steel is a short memoir detailing her experience with spine surgery at fifteen. This was a difficult piece to write, but she is happy she did it. *Scroll to the bottom of page 5 and begin reading there.

If I Could Donate My Heart is a personal essay that she wrote while experiencing heart problems. This essay explores my thoughts on what she would want someone to know if they ever received her heart for a transplant. *She shared this piece on her blog.

Fallen is a supernatural-thriller about a man who, through a strange and phenomenal event, meets his angel. This was the first short story she published online.

Meet Avrianna Heavenborn
Loni Townsend (@art_by_loni on IG)


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Falling Feather is her first poem published online. She was inspired to write this poem when a falling leaf fluttered into her path and she thought about its life. For this poem, she changed the leaf to a feather.

The Angel is a poem she wrote for her mom when I was young. It was chosen as Poem of the Month on Long Story Short for May 2013.

Poems by Beth Kennedy: her heroine from the Disaster Crimes series. Poems include: Hurricane, She Is, and River.

Twas the Night Before the Deadline is a fun poem inspired by ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, but is for writers.

9/11 Poem about the terror we all witnessed on September 11th, 2001.