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WARNING: Contains spoilers. To avoid spoiling the story, read these discussion prompts after you’ve read Seismic Crimes.




1. Would you have gone to such great lengths to help a stranger prove their innocence to murder, as Beth had?


2. When Donovan goes to his childhood home for Christmas, he sees how the house hadn’t really changed much since he left. Did your parents’ home change significantly when you moved out or did you come back and feel like you never left? (Give examples of what changed and what stayed the same.)


3. Donovan didn’t have a father while growing up. He had his brother, mother, and grandmother. We see Donovan’s soft side many times throughout this story. How do you think he’d be different if his drunk father had been there longer? Do you think he would’ve turned out like his father or had been strong enough to survive him?


4. Beth has a moment where thinks she doesn’t have the mothering gene. What moments do you think she proves she does have the mothering gene after all?


5. When Beth goes undercover, she pretends to be a druggie to get information about Buck’s whereabouts. Were you surprised that she played the part so well?


6. Shortly after they arrive in San Francisco Donovan tells himself he’s not ready for marriage, but at the end of the story he proposes to Beth. Where do you think this shift happened for him? What hints did he give that he loved Beth and could marry her?


7. When the earthquake strikes, Donovan tells Beth to find safety. She goes to get help for him but can’t find it in the chaos. Do you think she did the right thing by leaving Donovan? What would you have done if you had been in her shoes?


8. Donovan doesn’t tell Beth about the threatening note he finds, and he and Thorn are too late to warn her when they find out the person who wrote it was Jackson Storm. If he had told her about the note, do you think it could’ve changed the course of events? Why or why not?


9. Do you think Donovan will ever fully trust cops in the future?


10. There’s a saying that relationships based on intense experiences never work. Do you think Beth and Donovan’s relationship will last?


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