What Would You Do?




“Take refuge with a rival mob!” – Alex J. Cavanaugh, author of CassaStar


“I would trust no one…I would change my looks…I would get a weapon, a dog, and a hot hero.” – Sherry Fundin, book blogger


“I’d find someone like Raymond Reddington from “The Blacklist” and have him give me a new name.” – Mary Kirkland, blogger


“I would tell my husband who would take the Al Pacino approach…’Say hello to my little friend!'” – Birgit, blogger


“Good excuse to sell my house and travel the world as much as I can for as long as I can.” – J.H. Moncrieff, author of The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave


“Not wanting to put Blake in further in danger I would flee into the night alone; certain I would be followed to the nearest cemetery where I’d activate my trusty spirit-waking whistle. While the mobsters were busy fending of angry ghouls, Blake and I would be happily jetting off to ever-after-land!” – Diedre Knight, author of Sawdust




“Maybe float through some walls and find out all the government secrets.” – Pat Hat, author of Murder Has a Price


“While investigating my own death would likely be something I’d do. I’d also make the most of the situation and use my astral form and make sure I catch any awesome music concerts coming to town. Who’s going to stop me? Also, never pay to see a movie again.” – J.A. Scott, blogger


“First thing I would do is freak out. Like big time. Then I’d start figuring out what I can do as a ghost and maybe go scare the crap out of an ex-bf, because why not?” – Patricia Lynne, author of Michael (Path of Angels Series)


“…I would want to go visit my loved ones who have died before me.” – C. Lee McKenzie, author of Alligators Overhead


“I would try to get a job as a ghost writer, and then advance to become the Holy Ghost.” – CA Heaven, blogger


WWYD Witch of Death


“I’d check and see what I’ve been eating (or taking) to provide such visions.” – Sage, blogger


“Whoo! If I had a vision of a murder I would wake up and pray!” – Quanie Miller, author of The New Mrs. Collins


“Probably write it down as a plot for my next book.” Yolanda Renee, author of the Detective Quaid Mysteries


“My instinct would be to keep the vision to myself. Can’t go running to the police with a vision can I? They will lock me up in an asylum.” – Rachna Chhabria, author of children’s books


“I would only tell someone if I heard, read in the news about a eerily similar murder. Yikes just thinking of it gives me the shivers!” – Lisa Thomson, author of The Great Escape


WWYD Hurricane Crimes


“Maybe try to knock him out by putting something in a nice drink like a smoothie while he’s using the bathroom?” – Sheena-Kay Graham, author of the Mystery Girl Series


“If he looked like Hugh Jackman, I would stick around and bat my blue eyes at him…killer, shmiller.” Birgit, blogger


“Whack him over the head with the nearest thing and knock his arse out.” – Pat Hatt, author


“I’d get all Murder She Wrote and keep the person talking about their crimes until I was able to get the hell out of the situation.” – J.H. Moncrieff, author


“With the storm raging outside, I figure the only thing he’ll be killing inside is time. Try as I might to make the best of a highly charged situation, the roof caves in; forcing us out into the torrent where together we save a couple more people before we’re swept away as one, into the depths of emotion and an unrelenting storm. We awaken entwined as branches tossed in a reckless wind, beneath an abandoned ice cream truck that drips something I hope he likes before we say good-bye.” – Dierde Knight, author


“I would ask them if they did it.”  – Keith Wynn, blogger


WWYD Seismic Crimes


“We live in an earthquake ‘zone’ on the west coast, so it is a very real possibility. We have extra supplies in case and we have wind up radio to get information because a power outage is likely. I read somewhere to keep an extra pair of shoes under the bed in case of earthquake in the middle of the night then you have shoes to make an escape.” – Lisa Thomson, author


“What would I do in an earthquake? Duck! I envision rolling boulders, bighorn herds fleeing the canyon in fright, and I sure wouldn’t want to be squashed by a fallen saguaro!” – Diedre Knight, author


“I moved away from California so I wouldn’t have to worry about there being a huge quake while I was there. I grew up there and we had a go bag (back pack) filled with everything we would need for a week. I still have a go bag ready. We’ve had two earthquakes here while I’ve been living here and they freak me out. Get the dog and important papers and the go bag, unless the apartment is safe and we can stay here.” – Mary Kirkland, blogger


“If there was an earthquake, my first thing would probably be to turn off the gas to the house and then, as a volunteer, head to the fire dept.” – Sage, blogger


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