Keep Writing with Fey


Catch the sparks you need to conquer writer’s block, depression, and burnout!


When Chrys Fey shared her story about depression and burnout, it struck a chord with other writers. That put into perspective for her how desperate writers are to hear they aren’t alone. Many creative types experience these challenges, battling to recover. Let Keep Writing with Fey: Sparks to Defeat Writer’s Block, Depression, and Burnout guide you through:

• Writer’s block

• Depression

• Writer’s burnout

• What a writer doesn’t need to succeed

• Finding creativity boosts

With these sparks, you can begin your journey of rediscovering your creativity and get back to what you love – writing.

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“This is one book every writer should have in their arsenal. Chrys Fey offers an indispensable road map with actionable tips for every author who’s ever faced writer’s block or burnout.” – Elizabeth Spann Craig, best-selling cozy mystery writer

“A life guide for writers’ mind, body, and creative soul!” – S.A. Larsen, author

“Keep Writing with Fey offers practical, achievable advice on dealing with problems so many writers face. Her no-nonsense approach feels like advice from a good friend, doled out in easily digestible bite-sized pieces. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, frustrations with your writing and writing career, depression, or burnout, give this book a try. There’s bound to be something here that can help.” – Janice Hardy, Founder of

“Gracious, there are so many tips and lessons in this book that I dare anyone to pick it up and not be writing furiously by the last chapter.”  – C. Hope Clark, Founder of

“You won’t be stumped with Chrys. The continuous support of a fellow author is precious when dealing with writer’s block. I appreciate Chrys’ input and advice.” – Joanne Fisher, President of Space Coast Writers’ Guild

“Keep Writing with Fey by Chrys Fey includes tips that everyone can use whether you are an author or not, such as reducing stress, especially in these turbulent times.” – Sherry Snider Fundin, reviewer/blogger at

“Writers suffer from various maladies by virtue of their career choice. Writer’s block, burnout, and dejection are from time-to-time our writing partners whether we want them or not. Fey’s “sparks” to help banish these writing cohorts give useful and insightful suggestions on how to break through these roadblocks.” – Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“Keep Writing with Fey: Sparks to Defeat Writer’s Block, Depression, and Burnout is full of good tips and information with a touch of humor along the way. It offers support to keep your motivation high, your creative juices flowing, and your fingers on the keyboard.”  – Valerie Allen, Founder of Authors for Authors

“With her latest book, “Keep Writing with Fey: Sparks to help you Defeat Writer’s Block, Depression and Burnout” Fey has outdone herself. This is a warm, down-to-earth, frank and earnest book that is bound to touch the hearts of countless readers. Thousands, if not millions of writers encounter writer’s block, depression and burnout. Sometimes our encounter with these perplexing issues lead us down a very rocky road and that is exactly where Fey’s book comes to the rescue. “Keep Writing with Fey” provides over 80 sparks, within which there are mini-sparks, or ideas, to get you going in your time of dire need. Her voice is encouraging, inspirational and nonjudgmental. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Read it and be motivated and inspired when you need it the most.” – Stephanie Rose Bird, author or award-winning, Amazon-bestseller “Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo and Conjuring with Herbs”


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