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This page contains links to many marketing articles, including 100 Marketing Tips, which is available on this page and on the Freebies page as a PDF download along with the PDFs Blogging 101 and How to Create a Newsletter. There’s a section for Social Media marketing as well as Amazon and Goodreads. Plus, a list of videos I’ve done on YouTube about various marketing topics.



100 Marketing Tips – 100 tips!

How to Create an Author Facebook Page – Clueless about Facebook pages! This article will help you create an awesome page and engage with your followers.

Blogging 101 – All you need to know about starting a blog.

How to Set Up a Blog Tour – Want to do a blog tour? I’m offering ideas and tips to help you get it done.

How to Create a Press Kit – Not everyone has one, but you should consider making one so information about you and your books is easily accessible by the people who need it.

Book Release Party – Party time! This article is full of advice on how to throw a Facebook party.

How to Promote Free Days – Is your book going to be free on Amazon? Make the post of it with these tips.

Easy Ways to Promote Your Book – I’ve tested these out myself.

Getting Reviews – We all want reviews, so here’s how to get them.

How to Create a Website – An author website needs certain tools for it to be effective.

How to Design a Business Card – Tips on how to design a good calling card.

Twitter for Writers – All you need to know to join Twitter.

Instagram for Writers – 20 Instagram Ideas – Tips on how to utilize this photo app.

How to Create a Newsletter – Author newsletters can build readership.

Book Signing Fear – Tips for book signings and how to get rid of your fear.



How to Do Honest and Legal Giveaways as an Author @ Jane Friedman

How to Create a Free Book Trailer Using Adobe Spark @ Fiction University

You Don’t Need an Author Website…Yet

10 Ways to Promote Backlist Titles @ Fiction University

10 Great Places to Promote Your Book Online

3 Things You’re Probably Not Doing on Goodreads that You Should @ Elizabeth Spann Craig

3 More Things You Should Do on Goodreads @ Elizabeth Spann Craig

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Amazon Book Pages @ The Creative Penn

How to Spice Up Your Amazon Author Profile @ The Creative Penn

Dear Debbie Downer Writer




Social Media:

Do Authors Need to Be on Social Media?

How Writers Can Use the Power of Instagram

How to Build Blog Traffic the Smart Way – Part 1 @Almost an Author

How to Build Blog Traffic the Smart Way – Part 2 @Almost an Author

Using Litsy as an Author

10 Things You Can Do on Your Author YouTube Channel

Using YouTube for Greater Author Visibility

Dear Confused Facebook Author


Book Events:

5 Tips for Selling Your Books at Events on a Budget @ Jane Friedman

6 Gadgets to Take to Your Next Book Event @ Fiction University

How to Prep for an Outdoor Book and Author Event @ Fiction University

Bactine for Book Events

Bactine for No-Show Events


Videos on Marketing:

Can a Book be Successful without Social Media

Do I Need a Website?

Marketing Spark 1 – Branding

Marketing Spark 2 – Newsletters

Marketing Spark 3 – Amazon

Marketing Spark 4 – Goodreads

Marketing Spark 5 – Author Websites

Marketing Spark 6 – Social Media

Marketing Spark 7 – Blogging

Marketing Spark 8 – Publishing

Marketing Spark 9 – Book Events

Marketing Spark 10 – Promo




BLOGGING 101 (11)



Everything you need to know, consider, and plan before you start a blog. Plus, what to include in your blog, such as gadgets, pages, and categories. Then, how to get readers/followers. And at the end I included a list of blog post ideas.







Tons of tips on how to market including sections on reviews, Amazon, Goodreads, website, social media, blog, publishing, release promo, writing community, contests and giveaways, sales and free eBooks, advertisements, book signings/readings/events, books in stores, go to your local community, press, video, and magazines.







Here I walk you through the steps of setting up a newsletter from the first step of setting up your email address domain to designing your newsletter. I also provide tips on how to get subscribers the ethical way and what you can put in your newsletter to make it unique.