Praise For Chrys




“Hurricane Crimes by Chrys Fey is a pure delight. It is a romance first and a suspense novella second, but both are combined in a perfect formula for a wonderful afternoon’s reading. . . This was a love story against all logical odds, but it was impossible not to hope that Beth and Donovan would find happiness together.” – Readers’ Favorite
“Chrys Fey does a magnificent job of starting her short story with the tension needed to hook and keep the reader reading. Her descriptive prose puts the reader with Beth as the dangerous winds escalate, the water rises, and darkness falls.” – Yolanda Renee, author
“A fantastic thriller set in the middle of the craziness of a hurricane. It put me on the edge of my seat right away. I held my breath as Beth rescued Donovan and as the hurricane tore at her house. It was fast-paced, never a dull moment. Beth was immediately likable and sympathetic. I especially liked she taught self-defense for a living.” – Christine Rains, author




“Chrys Fey has created a story that is full of murder and mayhem.” – InD’tale
“Action packed is the only way to describe this exciting, sizzling love and adventure story! Between the steamy private scenes and the made-for-TV shoot outs and natural disasters, there is adventure that keeps your heart pumping on every page.” Readers’ Favorite
“Donovan is one hot, alpha and very determined man. Beth is a kick ass leading lady who will not be told to sit and stay. If you like strong woman who are more than capable of taking care of themselves, then you will love Beth!” – Bookaholic Mama, reviewer
“The well-choreographed, sexy scenes between the two main characters will keep readers turning the pages as much as the chase and fight scenes do. Fey handles each of these intimate scenes amazingly well, setting a high bar for steamy romance writers.” C. Lee McKenzie, author



tsunamicrimes_w11205_300“Disasters are Chrys Fey’s thing and she does them so well. Tsunami Crimes, the third in her disaster series, is her best yet, in my opinion.” – Tena Stetler, author
 “Love and romance? Check. Adventure out the wazoo? Check. A kick-ass heroine who goes through a horrific experience, but still manages to maintain her will to fight back and to reclaim her happily ever after? Oh, yeah. Definitely a check. And a super story populated with memorable characters, both good and bad? Check and check.” – Susan Fleet Swiderski, author
“Ms. Fey’s strong and compelling visual storytelling coupled with the overwhelming uncertainty facing Beth and Donovan make this a powerhouse novel.” – InD’Tale
“One tough, yet amazingly intuitive woman and her ever-protective husband and lover will once again stand up to the evil that threatens all they have. TSUNAMI CRIMES is fast-paced, and Ms. Fey’s ability to bring the internal fight for survival during a rogue tsunami to life is frighteningly realistic.” – Tome Tender, reviewer




THE DISASTER CRIMES SERIES has the potential to be a terrific series that is spell-binding and [will] have readers on the edge of their seats.” – InD’tale

“They have survived before, but this time they may not be so lucky…because nowhere is safe when evil comes calling.” – Tome Tender, reviewer

“What I liked about this book is that the natural disaster isn’t the main antagonist like it was in Tsunami Crimes. I like the way that Ms. Fey changed that between the two books. It gave the book a different feel which gives the walking, married disaster duos’ situation different enough that the book wasn’t the same old same old. The reader also gets a more in-depth look into Donovan job, Monster Truck racing.” – Bookaholic Mama, reviewer





“Detective Avrianna Heavenborn remains a mystery that will stir readers’ curious minds. I would love to know more about her past and her gift of being able to see and hear the dead. I hope Fey will come up with a sequel that centers on Avrianna Heavenborn.” – Readers’ Favorite

“What I really loved about this story is Avrianna Heavenborn. There’s mystery around this detective and it remains at the end. I can only hope that we see more of Avrianna from Chrys Fey in the future.” – Christine Rains, Author of 13th Floor Collection

“I would also like to know more about the investigator, Avrianna, who has some special abilities and a fascinating backstory. It would be great to see her pop up in other stories or maybe even get her own book in the future!” – Nick Wilford, author

“Avrianna is an intriguing character, not only because she can see ghosts, but also because at times, her eyes glow green. She was also found at sea, abandoned as a baby. I think readers would want to know more about her.” – Sherry Ellis, author




“It only took 30 seconds for Dani and Blake to suck me into their world. They are amazing people dealing with their own insecurities while being chased by the Mob. Every time I thought I had it figured out, another twist popped up. This was a great fast-paced novella. Chrys did an awesome job bringing her characters and setting to life.” – Taylor Anne, author
“The story flows smoothly and will keep readers on their toes while cheering for Dani and Blake to stay alive. The author deserves kudos for this brief, romantic, suspenseful tale.” – InD’tale




“Chrys Fey’s 30 Seconds Before is the prequel to 30 Seconds and is a heart-racing read. It is a thrilling episode that ends with a bang! Blake Herro is a heroic character with a lot of guts. He faces his deadliest enemy with fearless courage, determined to bring him down, no matter what it takes.” – Readers’ Favorite
“This an intense crime/thriller story involving murderous mobsters and a cop who wants to turn things around so that fewer of his men fall. This short piece doesn’t compromise character development.” – Medeia Sharif, author




“Witch of Death is a fast-paced short story that drew me in after the first page. The author gave just enough information to really get me hooked and left me wanting to know more.” – Night Owl Reviews
“This short, yet very involving read from Chrys Fey brings something new to the supernatural genre by way of a witch working as a detective to help solve crimes that would be hard to explain in normal terms. Unfortunately, in this particular case she faces skepticism from a male colleague and the interplay between them was fun and snappy throughout. Although this is a short story Fey packs a lot of twists and turns in here, especially the ending which I didn’t see coming.” – Nick Wilford, author



Write With Fey - Chrys Fey - medium

“Publishing a book can seem overwhelming, but Chrys Fey breaks it down in this indispensable guide for writers. Fey’s step-by-step instructions and encouraging style help with everything from pre-writing to marketing a published book.” – Elizabeth S. Craig, author
“A must-read book for those who are serious about writing but are clueless or doubtful of their writing capabilities. I would suggest this book to all who write as a desk reference book – it will be worth it!” 5 stars – Readers’ Favorite
“Solid, sound basic writing book for the [writer] daring to be an author. The “10 Sparks” cover a wealth of topics with abbreviated, concise guidance, giving authors a fantastic place to check off all the necessities.” – C. Hope ClarkThe Carolina Slade Mysteries and The Edisto Island Mysteries, Founder of
“A fresh and positive guide to help new writers turn their creative spark into a best-selling book.” – Tony Riches, author of the best-selling Tudor Trilogy