Praise For Chrys




“Detective Avrianna Heavenborn remains a mystery that will stir readers’ curious minds. I would love to know more about her past and her gift of being able to see and hear the dead. I hope Fey will come up with a sequel that centers on Avrianna Heavenborn.” – Readers’ Favorite


“What I really loved about this story is Avrianna Heavenborn. There’s mystery around this detective and it remains at the end. I can only hope that we see more of Avrianna from Chrys Fey in the future.” –Christine Rains, Author of 13th Floor Collection


“I would also like to know more about the investigator, Avrianna, who has some special abilities and a fascinating backstory. It would be great to see her pop up in other stories or maybe even get her own book in the future!” –Nick Wilford, Author


“Avrianna is an intriguing character, not only because she can see ghosts, but also because at times, her eyes glow green. She was also found at sea, abandoned as a baby. I think readers would want to know more about her.” –Sherry Ellis, Author


“Enter the detectives. And one of Chrys Fey’s most fascinating characters. Avrianna, the lead detective can hear the dead, and if pushed will talk to them. She is passionately committed to justice and has a back story of her own that I really, really want to see explored.” –EC, Amazon Customer






“Don’t be fooled by the words, ‘short story’, as Miss Fey’s riveting, suspense-filled plot, delivers.” –Joy, Amazon Customer


“What is unique about “Hurricane Crimes” is that only two characters carry this plot through the major portion of the story until close to the end when more are needed.”J.A. Davis, Author


“I love the way Chrys Fey makes [Hurricane] Sabrina a character in the story and at times the main villain.” –Sandra D, Amazon Customer


“Beth was immediately likable and sympathetic. I especially liked she taught self defense for a living. I already considered her a strong woman before learning that, but that was a bonus bit.” –Christine Rains, Author of the 13th Floor Collection


“Chrys Fey does a magnificent job of starting her short story with the tension needed to hook and keep the reader reading. Her descriptive prose puts the reader with Beth as the dangerous winds escalate, the water rises, and darkness falls.” –Yolanda Renee, Author


“With twists and turns every few pages, author Chrys Fey gives us a snapshot of a nightmare hurricane scenario…” –Katie O’Sullivan, Author


“I’ve never lived through a Hurricane, but I feel like I have now after reading.” –T.B. Markinson, Author






“[Chrys’s] blog is THE PLACE to be, it seems!” –Neicey Roy, Author of Another Shot at Love


“[Chrys] should put all these tips together in a book. It’s great info.” –Kelly Hashway, Young Adult, New Adult and Children’s Book Author


“One thing I’ve ALWAYS loved about [Chrys’s] posts is the way [she] really think[s] about each and every aspect of a topic. And then, [she] explain[s] it so well!” – Cherdo, Blogger


“I’m really enjoying [Chrys’s] how-to posts, because it makes me think about my own strategies and how I can work on them!” –Claudine Gueh Yanting, Author


“Always love reading [Chrys’s] blog. There’s something about it that I find very comforting…like hearing from a trusted friend.” –J.H. Moncrieff, Author of The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave


“I’ve never had a response like what I had on [Chrys’s] site. All those comments, wow, amazing.” –Angela Hayes, Author of Love’s Battle


“All the buzz [Chrys] give[s] about preparing for release days, writing blurbs and other tips on writing always infuses within me more excitement for the writing I do.” –Jeffrey Scott, Blogger/Writer


“[Chrys] always give[s] the best information and advice – and it’s free!!!” –Dixie at DCRelief, Blogger


“Love [Chrys’s] blog – good place to come for an inspirational push!” –Carole Apple, Blogger


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