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“Chrys Fey is a delight to work with and she’s so thorough in her editing. She takes her time and does it right. We’re glad she’s part of our team.” – Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

“Chrys Fey’s professional editing has helped my current manuscript and my ongoing writing practice immensely. Her specific comments and changes suggested on the manuscript have helped me ground my writing in good mechanics. She’s discovered typos, overused words, and areas where I need to add, take away, or re-order pieces to create good pacing within a scene and within the whole work. In addition to the professional, critical feedback she gives, she always sprinkles in encouraging words to keep me going in the right direction. Plus, she’s an editor who goes above and beyond in the way she encourages authors. She knew I was struggling with some revisions, and she sent me a playlist she’d been listening to while editing. It brightened my day and really helped me tackle the tough part of writing. I highly recommend Chrys Fey as an editor.” – Tyrean Martinson, author of Liftoff

“I had the pleasure of working with Chrys Fey when she edited my book, The Window. There were several areas where I felt she really stood out. First, she was a great communicator. She provided both detailed edits (word choice, grammar, conciseness) and superb notes on ways I could improve the book. She asked questions to make me think about how my characters responded in certain situations, why events transpired the way they did, and plot gaps that she noticed. Second, she voiced her opinions about how the book made her feel as a reader. This is something I haven’t gotten from other editors and it was extremely valuable to me to make the book better. Finally, her notes and edits were written in such a way as to educate me. I feel I am a better writer today because of what I learned from her.” – Dave Cole, author of The Window

“Chrys is a fantastic editor to work with and a true professional. She has excellent communication skills and provided detailed feedback on my novel Big Red. Chrys has a keen eye for detail, catching mistakes that I had overlooked on multiple occasions and offered great insights on how to tighten up scenes. If you’re looking for an editor to bring your novel to life, I couldn’t recommend Chrys highly enough.” – Damien Larkin, author of Big Red and co-founder of the British and Irish Writing Community and Bard of the Isles online magazine.

“I love Chrys Fey as my editor. I write in different genres, and she helps me shape each story to fit horror and suspense. She goes well beyond a line editor. I’ve been working with Chrys since 2017. The first book was Six Plus One, which she helped bring out more emotion during my characters’ death scenes. She turned Perfect Little Murder into something enjoyable to read and even came up with the title. Now, in 2020, she helped me show more of the mystery aspects in my horror novella, Urban Legends. I can’t wait to publish it. I hope to continue working with her. Out of my six books, Six Plus One and Perfect Little Murder continue to be the ones that get the highest ratings on Goodreads and Amazon.“ – Yawatta Hosby, author of Perfect Little Murder

“I’m so glad to have worked with Chrys on multiple books. She is thorough, but also fast, delivering her notes in the time she promised. Her suggestions always helped improve the story, and she’d bring up points that always made me think about how others would see the scene to ensure I was telling the story in a way that made sense (aka no plot holes!). I’ve also become better at where those pesky commas go thanks to her. I’m already planning on working with her for upcoming books and highly recommend her.” – Patricia Lynne/Patricia Josephine, author of Tempting Friendship and Leaves of Fall

“Chrys Fey not only was able to pin-point every comma, misspelling, or stumbling phrase, but went beyond the simple grammar to locate other issues, which brought my manuscript to the next level. Her hard work was always accompanied with words of advice to help steer me in the right direction.” – Tonja Drecker, author of Music Boxes

“I would highly recommend Chrys as an editor. I learned of her services through the group Insecure Writers Support Group when I was searching for someone to edit my second book. She has very reasonable rates and does an amazingly thorough job. Chrys is timely, professional, and her editing style warm and encouraging but also critical and informative.” – Meka James, author of Not Broken



THE DISASTER CRIMES SERIES has the potential to be a terrific series that is spell-binding and [will] have readers on the edge of their seats.” – InD’tale Magazine



hurricane crimes digital badge2019 Readers’ Favorite Award Contest – Hurricane Crimes won silver in the Fiction – Short Story/Novella genre


“Excellent drama and tension in this story, and terrific use of Florida as a locale and a hurricane as a means to intensify the conflict. Strong, evocative descriptions throughout, especially when bringing Hurricane Sabrina to life. Beth is a strong, take-charge character, and I’m rooting for her from the beginning. The story has several nice twists, and an unexpectedly positive ending.” – Indie Originals Book and Literature Competition Judge (Winner Best Short Story)


“Hurricane Crimes by Chrys Fey is a pure delight. It is a romance first and a suspense novella second, but both are combined in a perfect formula for a wonderful afternoon’s reading.” – Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

“Both Beth and Donovan were interesting characters and kept my attention. Coupled with the interesting mystery plot I had no problems reading this whole story eagerly in one sitting.” – Long and Short Reviews

“The characters were interesting as well as appealing. There was a lot of chemistry between Beth and Donovan.” – Romance Bookworms Reviews

For all of you authors out there wondering how to craft the perfect novella, I say use this as your template. Honestly, I really don’t have any criticisms!” – Romance Novels for the Beach

“There is usually just not enough time to develop the characters and pull the reader into [a short] story. But Chrys Fey not only managed to blend it all together in a whirlwind (or hurricane), she delivered it as one fascinating read!” – The Novel Lady

“This little novella has it all. A gorgeous cover, a captivating title, a hot guy and a not so defenseless woman stranded in a category five hurricane.” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at

“This book is full of mystery, suspense, romance and passion. I would absolutely trade places with Beth Kennedy in order to have time with Donovan Goldwyn.” – Bookaholic Mama




“Chrys Fey has created a story that is full of murder and mayhem.” – InD’tale Magazine
“Action packed is the only way to describe this exciting, sizzling love and adventure story! Between the steamy private scenes and the made-for-TV shoot outs and natural disasters, there is adventure that keeps your heart pumping on every page.” – Readers’ Favorite

“This is a fast paced, action packed book that is hard to put down. The earthquake scenes are graphic and the reader really gets a clear image, although terrifying as it is written extremely well.” – LLEP Book Blog

“I have to say that this book kept me on the edge of my seat and turning those pages without wanting to put the book down even once! Chrys Fey created some amazing characters who were multi-dimensional and very likable.” – The Novel Lady

“Humor and romance go well together and Chrys Fey does a great job of blending them while keeping the suspense percolating.” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at

“Seismic Crimes is an action-packed novel that contains a little bit of everything. There’s the suspense of a crime-fighting story, the adventure of surviving natural disasters, and the passion of romance.” – Sherry Ellis (VINE VOICE) 



Short Story


“Great characters, action, suspense and that kind of romance that gives you tingles. This book is like a half-novella at only 22 pages, but it gives you more insight into the lives of Beth and Donovan, two characters that I absolutely love!” – The Novel Lady

“Short, tense and a perfect way to test out a new romantic suspense series, LIGHTNING CRIMES by Chrys Fey is a quick escape with an electric charge in the air!” – Tome Tender




“Ms. Fey’s strong and compelling visual storytelling coupled with the overwhelming uncertainty facing Beth and Donovan make this a powerhouse novel.” – InD’Tale Magazine

“Author Chrys Fey writes fast paced, action-packed, adventures that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, white-knuckled as you grip the book in your hands.  Her description of the ravaging water will have you holding your breath and counting your rapid heartbeats.” – The Novel Lady

“These two characters have been in so many disasters that it should be laughable, but the stories are well written, captivating and they grab the reader and draw them in.” – Bookaholic Mama

 “Chrys Fey’s descriptive writing makes the story come alive, as if it is a movie playing out in my head…She keeps the suspense at a fever pitch that goes on and on, never letting up, leaving me feeling wrung dry of my emotions.” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at

TSUNAMI CRIMES is fast-paced, and Ms. Fey’s ability to bring the internal fight for survival during a rogue tsunami to life is frighteningly realistic.” – Tome Tender




“The natural disaster of wildfires is captured vividly while focusing on the aftermath and devastation caused by such catastrophe. The book is full of action, suspense, and adventure.” – InD’tale Magazine 

“They have survived before, but this time they may not be so lucky…because nowhere is safe when evil comes calling.” – Tome Tender

“What I liked about this book is that the natural disaster isn’t the main antagonist like it was in Tsunami Crimes…It gave the book a different feel which gives the walking, married disaster duos’ situation different enough that the book wasn’t the same old same old.” – Bookaholic Mama

“Flaming Crimes from Chrys Fey has everything needed for a heart stopping, pulse pounding roller coaster ride through disaster and danger.” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at

“Chrys Fey writes fast paced, action-packed, adventures and Flaming Crimes did not disappoint!” – The Novel Lady



“Chrys Fey’s FROZEN CRIMES is a nail-biting, high energy, emotional tale that will send chills through one’s bones[…]Loved the feisty ladies, Beth’s strength, and Donovan’s determination! For those who have no idea what it is like to be snowed in…wonder no more! Another fabulous romantic suspense tale from Chrys Fey! ” ~Tome Tender






Write With Fey - Chrys Fey - medium

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2019 Readers’ Favorite Award Contest – Write with Fey: 10 Sparks to Guide You from Idea to Publication won bronze in the Non-Fiction Writing/Publishing genre


‬”Clear, down-to-earth tips for writers of all genres, shared in a positive, supportive tone. Logical, accessible presentation of topics, giving readers lots to chew on without feeling overwhelmed. Solid information to guide writers through all aspects of the process and keep them motivated along the way, with particularly useful and specific information for authors intending to self-publish.” – Indie Originals Book and Literature Competition Judge (Winner Best Non-Fiction Reference)


“A must-read book for those who are serious about writing but are clueless or doubtful of their writing capabilities. I would suggest this book to all who write as a desk reference book – it will be worth it!” – Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review
“Publishing a book can seem overwhelming, but Chrys Fey breaks it down in this indispensable guide for writers. Fey’s step-by-step instructions and encouraging style help with everything from pre-writing to marketing a published book.” – Elizabeth S. Craig, author

“Solid, sound basic writing book for the [writer] daring to be an author. The “10 Sparks” cover a wealth of topics with abbreviated, concise guidance, giving authors a fantastic place to check off all the necessities.” – C. Hope ClarkThe Carolina Slade Mysteries and The Edisto Island Mysteries, Founder of
“A fresh and positive guide to help new writers turn their creative spark into a best-selling book.” – Tony Riches, author of the best-selling Tudor Trilogy

“Write with Fey is a well-organized, easy to understand resource that is a valuable addition to any writer’s library.” – Sherry Ellis (VINE VOICE)



KKWF“This is one book every writer should have in their arsenal. Chrys Fey offers an indispensable road map with actionable tips for every author who’s ever faced writer’s block or burnout.” – Elizabeth Spann Craig, best-selling cozy mystery writer

“A life guide for writers’ mind, body, and creative soul!” – S.A. Larsen, author

“Keep Writing with Fey offers practical, achievable advice on dealing with problems so many writers face. Her no-nonsense approach feels like advice from a good friend, doled out in easily digestible bite-sized pieces. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, frustrations with your writing and writing career, depression, or burnout, give this book a try. There’s bound to be something here that can help.” – Janice Hardy, Founder of

“Gracious, there are so many tips and lessons in this book that I dare anyone to pick it up and not be writing furiously by the last chapter.”  – C. Hope Clark, Founder of 

“You won’t be stumped with Chrys. The continuous support of a fellow author is precious when dealing with writer’s block. I appreciate Chrys’ input and advice.” – Joanne Fisher, President of Space Coast Writers’ Guild

“Keep Writing with Fey by Chrys Fey includes tips that everyone can use whether you are an author or not, such as reducing stress, especially in these turbulent times.” – Sherry Snider Fundin, reviewer/blogger at

“Writers suffer from various maladies by virtue of their career choice. Writer’s block, burnout, and dejection are from time-to-time our writing partners whether we want them or not. Fey’s “sparks” to help banish these writing cohorts give useful and insightful suggestions on how to break through these roadblocks.” – Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“Keep Writing with Fey: Sparks to Defeat Writer’s Block, Depression, and Burnout is full of good tips and information with a touch of humor along the way. It offers support to keep your motivation high, your creative juices flowing, and your fingers on the keyboard.”  – Valerie Allen, Founder of Authors for Authors

“With her latest book, “Keep Writing with Fey: Sparks to help you Defeat Writer’s Block, Depression and Burnout” Fey has outdone herself. This is a warm, down-to-earth, frank and earnest book that is bound to touch the hearts of countless readers. Thousands, if not millions of writers encounter writer’s block, depression and burnout. Sometimes our encounter with these perplexing issues lead us down a very rocky road and that is exactly where Fey’s book comes to the rescue. “Keep Writing with Fey” provides over 80 sparks, within which there are mini-sparks, or ideas, to get you going in your time of dire need. Her voice is encouraging, inspirational and nonjudgmental. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Read it and be motivated and inspired when you need it the most.” – Stephanie Rose Bird, author or award-winning, Amazon-bestseller “Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo and Conjuring with Herbs”







“Detective Avrianna Heavenborn remains a mystery that will stir readers’ curious minds. I would love to know more about her past and her gift of being able to see and hear the dead.” – Readers’ Favorite

“For a short story, GHOST OF DEATH made a serious impression on me, and I truly enjoyed reading it. In fact, I’ve already gone through it a second time.” – Sensuous Reviews

“Jolie was such a fascinating protagonist. Her reaction to her death gave me a clear understanding of the smart, witty person she had been in life and continued to be in the afterlife, especially once she realized what she was capable of as a ghost.” – Long and Short Reviews

“Avrianna is an intriguing character, not only because she can see ghosts, but also because at times, her eyes glow green. She was also found at sea, abandoned as a baby. I think readers would want to know more about her.” – Sherry Ellis (VINE VOICE)

“This novella had it all for me: mystery, ghosts, a great storyline and characters that I loved. The humor sprinkled throughout the story helped to make up for the times when I wanted to cry for those left behind.” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at




“The story flows smoothly and will keep readers on their toes while cheering for Dani and Blake to stay alive. The author deserves kudos for this brief, romantic, suspenseful tale.” – InD’tale Magazine

“The nail-biting plot twists in 30 seconds just kept coming – each one better than the last.” – Long and Short Reviews

“Thirty Seconds is an action-packed romance that keeps readers turning pages from the beginning. The chemistry between Dani and Blake is well-developed, and the unexpected twist at the end is a nice surprise.” – Sherry Ellis (VINE VOICE)




“Chrys Fey’s 30 Seconds Before is the prequel to 30 Seconds and is a heart-racing read. It is a thrilling episode that ends with a bang! Blake Herro is a heroic character with a lot of guts.” – Readers’ Favorite

“The character development and graphic detail [is] what sets Chrys Fey apart from other authors. Chrys Fey writes with such strong detail that the reader feels as though they are a part of the scene.” – Long and Short Review

“OMG, Chrys. WT…a cliffhanger. I was already barely hanging on, but now, only one hand is left and I feel it slipping…Good thing I can fall right into 30 Seconds…” – Sherry Fundin reviewer at




“Not sure you want to try a paranormal or supernatural story? This is the one to start with; short, just enough to get your feet wet and make you want more.” – Reader’s Favorite

“Witch of Death is a fast-paced short story that drew me in after the first page. The author gave just enough information to really get me hooked and left me wanting to know more.” – Night Owl Reviews
“I’d recommend Witch of Death to anyone who likes seeing how the urban fantasy and mystery genres can be woven together.” – Long and Short Reviews

“This is a short little read that will hold your attention for the whole 30 minutes it takes you to read it. The story is well developed despite being so short.” – Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock

“WITCH OF DEATH is a tale of magical murders that will leave you spell-bound!” – Dylan Newton, author 

“This story takes a fun angle on the crime-solving scene.” – Crystal Collier, author