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Here you can find links to publishing related topics, such as how to build a platform, using a pen name, and how to create an author tagline. You’ll also find sections on editing/critiquing, organization and Bactine for Writers, which is dedicated to things writers struggle with: submissions, rejections, criticism, and more. A bonus download for How to Create a Newsletter, a free PDF, can be found on this page, too.


Traditional Publishing Pros & Cons – An in-depth look at traditional publishing

How to Build a Platform – Tips on how to get your name out there and build an audience.

Blogging 101 – All you need to know start a blog.

Using a Pen Name – This article discusses pen names. I use one.

Author Photo Tips – Need an author photo? I’ve got tips to help you get a good one.

Save Your Work! – Don’t ever risk losing your hard work again!

Writer’s Etiquette – What you need to know when dealing with agents, editors, and writers. This article will give you advice on things NOT to do.

How to Get Publishing Credentials – Sometimes it’s not easy to do, so I am offering tips.

How to Write an Author Bio – Yes, you even need one when you’re a new writer.

How to Write a Query Letter – All writers will eventually have to craft the dreaded query.

How to Write a Synopsis – And the dreaded synopsis. These articles will tell you what you need to know to accomplish both tasks.

How to Handle Rejection – When you start submitting, you’ll most likely get rejections. But that’s okay!

Blurbs, Taglines, and Loglines OH MY! – This article provides everything you need to know to create blurbs, taglines, and loglines.

How to Create an Author Tagline – The best authors have one! And you should too!

Dedications and Acknowledgements – Need help writing the dedication and acknowledgment pages for your books?

Working with a Cover Artist – Here are a few things to keep in mind when you work with a cover artist.

Working with an Editor – Yes, they are human. And I’m giving tips to help you not to make a mistake when working with one.

How to do a Cover Reveal – Need help orchestrating a cover reveal?

Preparing for Release Day – There’s a lot you need to do to prepare for your book’s release. I am giving a list of some things for you to remember.

Write Your Next Book – While you wait to get one book published, write another!

3 R’s Rank, Ratings, and Reviews – I’m giving advice on how to deal with the 3 R’s.

Tax Deductions– I’m giving a list of possible deductions all writers can take advantage of.

For Authors:

What is

A Better Alternative to Goodreads

10 Things All Authors Should Know

Writing About Minor Characters Who Are People of Color

Dear Publishers Interview

Dear IWSGers – An Announcement 

Every Authors Path is Their Own

Don’t Make Light of Another Writer’s Plight

Writers. Should. Not. Tell. Other. Writers. What. Tense. Or. POV. To. Use.

Dear Author with No Reviews

Dear “I’m Still a Nobody” Author

COVID-19 and Authors

Depression & Anxiety:




Book Readings

Book Signing Fear

Writer’s Depression – Part 1

Writer’s Depression – Part 2

Book Events

No-Show Events

Introverted Writers – Do’s and Dont’s

Age of Insecurity

How Tarot Cards Helped with My Depression

More on Publishing:

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Dear Scared Writer

Dear Mad Writer

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Dear Beta Readers and Critique Partners

Dear Writer with an Editor

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Dear “I Hate Grammar!” Writer


Release Day

Writing Goals

Expense and Earning Logs

Word Count Calendar

Promo Goals

Bullet Journals

Business Cards

Email Folders

Writing Backpack

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