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Created by me (Chrys Fey), the Read With Fey challenge is for writers at all levels. The goal is to read *10 non-fiction books for writers during 2022.

Challenge Starts: January 1, 2022

Challenge Ends: December 31, 2022

Goal: Read *10 books for writers by the end of the year.

*Are 10 books too many? Set your own goal!

Just because I’ll be aiming to read 10 books doesn’t mean you have to!

However many books you read is an accomplishment.

Why Should You Join?

Every book you read could inspire you, educate you, and give you SPARKS. And you can read at your own pace.

Why Else Should You Join?

Every book you read for the Read With Fey challenge can count toward your personal reading goals.

Which Books?

Any books for writers! The books can be about marketing, publishing, the craft of writing, basically any non-fiction book that’d be useful to you as a writer. All formats (eBook, print, audio), re-reads, library borrows. It all counts!

For ideas on what to read, check out my Books for Writers list on by clicking here.

How To Join:

There is no formal sign-up form, so ANYONE, ANYWHERE, and at ANYTIME can join in WHATEVER way they choose.

You can, however, join the Read With Fey challenge on The StoryGraph here to track your progress.

Or you can make a Goodreads shelf for the challenge, a spreadsheet on your computer, a checklist in your journal, a blog post(s), or whatever you want to do. This challenge is flexible for YOU. 

However you decide to do this challenge, please consider announcing your participation on social media as a post or story, tweet, blog post, YouTube video, etc. If you do, a link back to this post would be much appreciated.

Hashtags for social media: #ReadWithFey #ReadWithFey2022

The StoryGraph: Because reading challenges on The StoryGraph only work right now with prompts and not a set number, I created three optional bonus challenge prompts. These bonus prompts DO NOT have to be completed, but to help you add any and all books you read to the challenge on The StoryGraph, I made a bonus prompt called “Use This Bonus Prompt For ANY Book For Writers.” You can use it multiple times, even to add all of your reads if you have to. By reading one book per bonus prompt (three books total), you will technically have the challenge on The StoryGraph completed. lol

To add a book to your challenge, first mark the book as read with a date for 2022. Then on the book’s page on The StoryGraph, scroll down until you see “Add to Reading Challenges” on the left sidebar. If you joined Read With Fey, you’ll see it listed there. Click on it and then select the bonus prompt that qualifies. Only select one.

I’ve never hosted a reading challenge on The StoryGraph before. There was a bit of a learning curve, and I hope they’ll make a set number goal as an option in the future, so I’ll see how I like it. 🙂

Click here to join the Read With Fey challenge on The StoryGraph.

Click here to check out my Books For Writers list on

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