The Disaster Curse



note: The Disaster Curse (Disaster Crimes, 7) is a short story of 23 pages that follows A FIGHTING CHANCE (ft. Thorn) and wraps up the DISASTER CRIMES SERIES.


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Pages: 23 
Genre: Action-Adventure
Heat Rating: None

Following a 7.1 earthquake in Guatemala, Thorn and Amanda, volunteering for the American Red Cross, help survivors in any way that they can. They hand out food and water and offer comfort to the people shaken by this event.

A sudden tremor knocks everyone off their feet, only it’s not an aftershock of the quake. One of Guatemala’s many volcanoes is erupting—a disaster on top of a disaster.

Thorn and Amanda now must do whatever they can to help each other and the survivors of the quake endure this natural phenomenon.

Content Warning: disasters

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