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      Hurricane Crimes                 Seismic Crimes              30 Seconds Before

 Disaster Crimes Series #1    Disaster Crimes Series #2    Mainstream-Thriller

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30 Seconds Before – Will be released on October 21st!  Soon, you’ll be able to read all about Blake’s adventures while undercover in the Mob!


If I Were a Mobster Blogfest – 



Prompt: If I were a Mobster…

When? October 21st, 2016 

Where? On your blog!


Post Ideas: I’m giving you creative freedom to create anything that comes to mind for the prompt: If I were a Mobster. You can share a poem or flash fiction piece about what you imagine yourself doing if you were a mobster.

Or share a detailed profile of your mobster self. This is what I’ll be doing.


Here’s an example of a mobster profile you can fill out:

My Mobster Name:

My Rank: (leader or minion)

Crime Zone: (city/state)

My Look/Disguise:

Weapon of Choice:

Mobster Vehicle:

What I’m Known For:

My Catch Phrase:

The Name of my Mob Leader:


For more info and to sign up: If I Were a Mobster Blogfest


Disaster Crimes Series – TSUNAMI CRIMES has a contract with The Wild Rose Press! And I already received the cover art! It has the simple beauty that the cover for Hurricane Crimes has.



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If I Were a Mobster Blogfest – October 21st 2016. Sign up!


Space Coast Book Lovers Event 2017 – I’ll be there Friday June 2nd for game hour, author mingle, and a workshop. Then on Saturday June 3rd I’ll be part of the book signing from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Join the Attendees Facebook Group.



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