The Crime Before the Storm – Exclusive Prequel


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LENGTH: The Crime Before the Storm is a SHORT STORY and the prequel to Hurricane Crimes in Donovan’s POV. The story is 16 pages long, not including front and back matter.
CONTENT WARNING: I feel it is important for me to give a heads-up about certain content in this story. There is police brutality. If you’ve read Hurricane Crimes, you likely recall what happens, but I understand that it can still be triggering. Throughout the Disaster Crimes series, many of the bad guys are corrupt cops. Also in this story there is an animal death. I treat that with care, as I am an animal lover, too.

Thank you for reading all that! 🙂 Now read about the crime that happens before the storm.

16 Pages – Free Short Story

One night, Donovan’s brother, an Internal Affairs Investigator, reveals to Donovan that his life in danger. He gives Donovan the only evidence that proves the cops who are threatening him are corrupt.

The day Hurricane Sabrina makes landfall on Florida, Donovan’s world comes crashing down. He has no other choice but to flee for his life during a category 5 super storm.

Content Warning: police brutality, animal death


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Can you read this story if you haven’t read Hurricane Crimes?

Absolutely! Since Hurricane Crimes is solely in Beth’s POV, some of the mystery and suspicion around Donovan may not be as mysterious after you read the prologue, but it won’t diminish the danger, the attraction, or Hurricane Sabrina’s strength. The Crime Before the Storm, because it is a short story, is a great introduction for new readers curious about the Disaster Crimes series, and I hope it’ll get you wanting to read Hurricane Crimes (a novella) to find out what happens next.

Disaster Crimes Series:
The Crime Before the Storm (exclusive prequel)
Hurricane Crimes (#1)
Seismic Crimes (#2)
Lightning Crimes (#2.5 free story)
Tsunami Crimes (#3)
Flaming Crimes (#4)
Frozen Crimes (#5)
A Fighting Chance (#6)
The Disaster Curse (#7, short)

Why did I write this prequel?

After Hurricane Crimes was published, readers expressed wanting to be able to read Donovan’s side of what happened before he crashed into the tree in front of Beth’s house. In Seismic Crimes, I had originally written flashback scenes in Donovan’s POV to show what led up to Hurricane Crimes. However, my editor didn’t like, so I used Donovan’s interrogation to share what I wanted readers to know. It worked and was the right choice for Seismic Crimes, but when I had to take out those flashback scenes, I was sad. I still really wanted readers to get his story in his voice and to meet Ryan, however briefly. So, I kept those scenes and thought I’d share them one day. That day has come! With Beth and Donovan’s story coming to a close with Frozen Crimes (Disaster Crimes #5), it is the perfect time to backtrack and show the beginning. The beginning beginning. Where everything started…

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